5 Practical Things to Pack for your trip to Singapore

Singapore Chilli crab jumbo seafood bibs

I know what you’re thinking – why would you need a packing guide for Singapore? It’s just a tropical country like any other right? Flip-flops, a wife beater and Hawaiian print board shorts… what else do you need?
Well, you’re not wrong but you will certainly be an eye sore, and probably won’t feel very comfortable. Here are a few (unexpected) things you should pack on for your next trip.

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Easy Sun Protection Tips for Travellers

Sun Protection on-the-go

As a young teenager growing up in Asia, I was always very conscious about keeping my skin fair and slathering on SPF anytime I deigned to venture into the sun (which wasn’t very often).

Then came my college years and a brand new mindset. I relaxed my suncare regime considerably, embracing hot summer days water-skiing or tubing along the Guadalupe River, cans of beer floating alongside our rubber floats. For a while, I got away a deep, glowing tan and reckless abandon. It was wonderful fun.

Alas, my mother was right (aren’t they always?).
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The Ultimate Travel Planning Guide


In 2013, Simon and I travelled 8 times, getting about 49 days of holiday and requiring only 19.5 days of leave from work. We spent over SG$11,000 on flights and SG$6,000 on accommodation.

If you’re a number-crunching nerd who gets off on planning things three months ahead of time (like me), then you will appreciate my handy-dandy downloadable template. (It’s just a no-frills excel spreadsheet, don’t worry.)

Read on to find out how to use it and customise it for your own needs.

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Review: So Thai Spa, Bangkok

so thai spa bangkok_04

Last week I was having one of those oh-my-god-I-just-need-some-sleep meltdowns, right smack in the midst of 16-hour work days in Bangkok. Humidity, bad traffic, and spicy curry tummies will do that to a person.

So when Sunday funday rolled around and I had all of 4 hours free, I decided that a treat was in order. A quick TripAdvisor searched yielded  So Thai Spa right around the corner, with excellent reviews. So without further ado…

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